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You vs. the World

Magic: the Gathering cards

Updates - 3/17/04

With great thanks to CBR poster Deep Sea Dolphin, I've got my hands on a new and nifty MtG card maker program. The cards that it makes are much more streamlined and natural than the ones I made manually with my image editors. So I've overhauled all of my pages to put up the new and improved versions of the cards.

Also, I've changed some of the mana costs and abilities of various cards, both to better reflect the character abilities and to at least try to maintain some game balance. If I erred in the latter, I hope it is toward the direction of making the cards less cost effective to play. We YvtW RP'ers, both PC's and posters, are a very ornery lot, after all!

Updates - 10/7/03

Several new cards have been added...

*pauses for applause to die down*

There's two for 2.0, one *new* card for 0.2, and one for 3.0.

I also changed Watcher's card for 0.2, 'cause I found a pic that I thought suited Meddler much better than the old one. So I used the old pic for Meddler for Watcher 3.0 instead.

Also, a general note for people who want their cards posted here... the main reason these things take so much darn time (and hence why I'm reluctant to turn out one or two cards at a time unless I have a whole bunch done) is that it's hard to search through my pictures archive to find a pic that "suits" the character, AND also go through the stories to find a good quote or narrative to go with it. So if y'all want your cards done fast, I suggest you send me pics (good ones) and quotes (short ones) that you want to go with your characters. You might want to send a couple of each, since not every pic or quote is suited for the card format.

Okay, rant over, now onto the pics!

Meta 2.0 The Real Nemo
Meddler Watcher 3.0